Go Play with Fire! || Daniel

"Fireseed" is an unusual term for an ember or coal one can pluck from the ashes of a fire.  Theoretically it takes only one fireseed to start a fire.  Think about being a fireseed of spiritual revival.  A revival that awakens your generation to God.

Revivals happen within the Body of Christ.  Awakenings happen in the world (after the church wakes up from sleeping in the Light).  Brothers and sisters, the church and Cru are in dire need of a spiritual revival right now   Revivals and awakenings are recorded in scripture and throughout church history.  Individual lives are changed eternally; society is changed permanently.  I know, I came to Christ in a revival as a kid when half my church got saved!

Young adults, especially college students, have played a key roles in revivals.  I think it's because they're in a season of learning and can see hypocrisy more keenly, and have more freedom and energy to pray and move than teenagers and older adults.  I've seen student revivals break out at The University of Washington in 1997 and UC Berkeley in 2003 (inspired in part by this documentary).  

It only takes is a few burning hearts to gather together to seek God's face and to cry out for their campus to into flames.  Heat + Fuel + Oxygen = Fire.  You + Jesus in you and a few others + the Holy Spirit moving = Revival.  Remember, all fires need a fireplace to keep burning, ...all revivals need a good prayer meeting!

Here's some inflammatory literature to douse yourself with: Download "The Fireseed Manifesto"> share it with one close friend > meet up and talk about it >  ask God if he wants the two of you to start a prayer meeting.

You have my permission to play with fire.  Glow for it! -dc

"Pass It On" (a hymn from the Jesus Movement)

It only takes a spark

 To get a fire going

 And soon all those around

 Can warm up in its glowing

 That's how it is with God's love

 Once you've experienced it

 You spread His love to ev'ryone

 You want to pass it on

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