Cru is a global movement and has chapters of students in over 150 countries around the world. Berkeley Cru is partnered with universities in Dublin, Ireland as well as in the Middle East. We send students, staff, and resources to Dublin and the Middle East for Winter Break Trips, Spring Break Trips, Summer Missions, and year-long STINTs (Short Term International). We hope many Berkeley students and grads will spend at least a week, or maybe even a year, dedicated to sharing their faith and reaching out to students abroad with the love of God. 

Before traveling overseas for a trip, we encourage you to spend a summer stateside on a Summer Mission, in places like Ocean City, NJ, Portland, or New York. If you are interested in finding out more information about Summer Missions internationally and stateside, visit

Middle East (DS and BT) - Summer Mission

Latin America - Filter to Hope

San Diego Launch - Summer Mission

Ocean City - Summer Mission