Below are the Community Groups for Berkeley Cru this year. Email the leaders to get more info!

Freshmen Units 1/3

Tuesday, 7-8pm

Andrew Midyett:

Priyanka Chepella:


Freshman Clark Kerr/Unit 2

Wednesday 7-8pm

Molly Mineiro:

Alan Cha:


Northside Freshman:

Wednesdays 7-8pm


Maddie Brace:


Sophomore Women

Tuesday nights: 8-9:30pm

Ellie Johnson:


Junior Women

Tuesday evenings: 8:30-10pm

Katie Hill:


Senior Women

Wednesday, 5:30-7pm

Katy Holtog:


Sophomore/Junior Men

Wednesdays 8:30-10pm

Jonathan Newman:


Senior Men

Monday 8-10pm

Ryan Julius:


Greek Women

Friday, 3-4pm @ Kroeber Fountain

Patreeya Prasertvit:


Graduate & Professional Students :: “GradCru”

Tuesday Evenings (TBA/By-Arrangement)

Daniel Curran:


Berkeley Cru has many opportunities to get more involved and meet people, and one of our main ways is to join a Community Group. Being a Christian, especially in a place like Berkeley, is far easier when you're not alone. We believe the gospel transforms every area of our lives, and talking about challenging issues with others is key to living out the Christian life.

Community Groups take place every week in the dorms or off-campus. They exist to build your relationship with God and other students in a setting designed to deepen your knowledge of God’s truths, study the Bible, ask the hard questions, and live life together. There is a group for you whether you’re a new student, transfer student, a fourth year just getting involved, or someone who wants to explore faith and learn more about God. Come and get connected.