Get connected to a community of new friends! Our Community Groups are small group spaces where studying the Bible is accessible to everyone. These groups are co-ed and not divided by year in school and where inviting a friend is highly encouraged. We will be intentional in separating by gender from time to time at the Community Group meeting as well as planning movement-wide social events and class gatherings. Students are welcome to join any group! If you would like to go to a Community Group near your dorm or apartment, the approximate locations are listed below.

Below are the Community Groups for Berkeley Cru this year. Email the leaders to get more info!

Mondays at 7

Maddie Rae:

Michael Visco:


Mondays at 8

Priyanka Chellappa:

Cole Kahmann:

Patty Choi:

Tuesdays at 7

Gaby Chitwood:

Matthew Clavelli:

Diana Heath:


Tuesdays at 8

Faith Reynolds:

Jack Dickson:

Justin Huang:


Wednesdays at 6

Celeste Vural:

Alper Vural:


Wednesdays at 8

Molly Mineiro:

Seth Hammond:


Valor (ROTC)

Amanda Cox:

Chris Fu:


Greek Life Study

Chandler Ooms:

Jonathan Archer: