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Freedom Fast

Join us as we partner with International Justice Mission, the world's largest anti-slavery nonprofit organization, to host a Freedom Fast at Berkeley. 

What is the Freedom Fast?
1) Go without food for 24 hours 2) donate $24, which would have been the cost of food for that day and 3) and pray for enslaved people around the world. We will start the Fast at 8:30pm on November 8th at the Campanile with a kick-off event of prayer, worship, and learning more about the issue of modern-day slavery. The next day, each fellowship will break the fast on its own, with a potluck dinner accompanied by praise and conversation about your fasting experience. 

Who is IJM?
International Justice Mission is an impactful Christian organization that protects people from violence in the developing world. They work to rescue individuals from slavery, prosecute the traffickers, restore the survivors through aftercare programs, and to strengthen local justice systems. They will not stop working until all 45 million people enslaved around the world are set free. 

How do you get involved?
1) Pray for the people who lack their freedom and endure unimaginable suffering and hardship. Pray for the IJM staff, as they work to liberate these people. Pray for all of us, as we respond to God's call to seek justice and protect oppressed people around the world. 
2) Check out our campus fundraising page: ( Join our team and make your own personal fundraising page. Donate $24 to fund IJM rescue operations. 
3) Share this fb event or ask your friends/family if they want to participate/donate
4) Attend the kick-off Campanile prayer on Nov. 8 and a fast-breaking potluck with a Christian fellowship on Nov 9 (if you don't have one, come to Cru's!)
5) Check out IJM's website to learn more about modern-day slavery

Later Event: November 17
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